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Ornaments made from your actual paper holiday card - see also Mini-Card Ornaments & Photo Cutout Ornaments

All About making gifts out of photo cards your friends have sent to you

Your friends and family have chosen their favorite photograph and sent it to you in the form of a Christmas or Holiday card.

Now all you need to do is send us those photo cards and we will make them into beautiful photo sculpture ornaments you can proudly give back.

Can you think of any other gift that is more perfectly suited for your recipient? Can you think of any other gift that will be gratefully used every year...for a lifetime?

Q. Are these different from your regular ornaments I see on another part of your website? 
A. These ornaments differ from my regular ornaments only in that I cut the original photo you send instead of printing a copy. Many cards have exquisite textures and adornments that would be lost if I reproduced them. So plan on NOT RECEIVING YOUR CARDS OR PHOTOS BACK as I will be cutting them.

Q. What about cards that have a photo glued to them? 
A. Some cards have the photo stuck to the card and some have the photo printed on the card itself. No matter, as I can usually remove the photo from the card. If not, I will either use the card-photo sandwich or I'll scan the image and print a copy I can use...unless the photo was made by a professional photographer. In that case, I can't use it unless you can get a copyright release. This very seldom happens.

Q. How will you know what to do with each card, some have multiple photos? 
A. If you have special requests, put them on a sticky note and attach to the card. Many cards have photos on both sides, so I need to know which photo you want to use.

Q. How many people can be in a photo?
A. As many as will fit, but large groups mean small details - The people will be just too small to cut around: those photos will be made into a straight-sided ornament.

Q. What about those cards with overlapping photos or photos that are enclosed by a border? 
A. Some photo cards can't be cut out in the usual sense where I remove the background. An example is a card with the pictures of 3 kids, each with a headshot in its own square frame and placed so the frames touch or even overlap each other. In that case, I'll cut around the outer edge of the frames. A few cards have very small photos - those I usually cut as a rectangle without the normal sculpting of a cutout.


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