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Photo Cutouts

The most perfect gift!  Made from your photo
Also Ornaments, Magnets, and more

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Make Your Own LIFE SIZE Cardboard Cutouts

Use your ink jet printer to create LIFE SIZE cardboard cutouts, also known as standees.  It takes a couple of hours and about $15 in ink and materials.  Make them for parties.  Make them of your family member who is away so the kids are less apprehensive.

CLICK HERE to see the really inexpensive software (about $20 or less) you can use to make as many LIFESIZE cardboard cutouts as you want.  Comes with all the instructions and tips you need. AND a 60 day money back guarantee.

I used the software myself to make the standee of my son you see here, so I know how well it works.  Al Stewart

My Wife LOVES This Scrapbook Software!

I bought this software for my wife a few years ago because she used to do scrapbooking with scissors and glue.  But once she tried My Memories she never touched the scissors again.

In fact, it's hard to get her away from it now.

CLICK HERE to learn all about it.

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