About me and Photocutouts.com

Thanks for visiting!  I started this little business in 2003 when I made my first photo cutout and showed it to my wife.  Well, she go so excited I thought right away, "Hmm, I'll bet I could sell these on the Internet".

So I set up a quick web page  and made one sale in the first year. 🙀  It was back to the drawing board and I completely redesigned the web page and things took off and I haven't looked back.  Photocutouts.com allowed me to retire a couple of years early and it is a very fun business for me because my customers are so nice and fun to do business with.

This is such a cool little business!  My customers love my products and now I feel like a part of their family because I am seeing their kids grow in the photos they send for cutouts.

The large photo on my home page is of a cutout of 2 of our 7 grandchildren.  The photo of the 3 photo cutouts ornaments of young kids shows an early customer's ornaments and she graciously gave me permission to use the pictures.  Those kids are now high school and college age and I'm still making cutouts of them!  I hope I'm around to make cutouts of their kids too!