How I Brought My Mac Back To Life

On this page I'm going to tell you about a small program that made my Mac's performance return to it's out-of-box speed.  But before I do that I want you to know I have a business relationship with the seller of the program.  If you should click on the link below and purchase the app, I will be paid a commission for referring you and you will pay the same price.

I bought my iMac in 2016 (my first Mac) and loved it, but I noticed about a year or so later that it wasn't as fast at it used to be.  It was a very gradual degradation in its performance, but it eventually caused me to research for a solution.  That's when I watched a tutorial about Clean My Mac (current version is called (Clean My Mac X")

So I tried the free trial and was immediately impressed enough to make the purchase.  Here's what I found;

  • It loads quickly
  • It removed ~100GB of junk files accumulated in a little over a year!
  • It suggested I uninstall some unused applications I had forgot about.
  • It removed leftover files from applications I had uninstalled.
  • It allowed me to designate which auto-start applications I really wanted to launch at startup.
  • And MUCH more.

My Mac started acting like it did when it was new.  I am a retired computer technician and I was amazed at the performance improvement.  And the program has not caused any problem whatsoever, so I can wholeheartedly recommend it to you, my loyal customers.

Here's a couple of screenshots of CleanMyMac X from my Mac...

I now run Clean My Mac X on 3 Macs.  CLICK THE AD to learn more and start the FREE trial.